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Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan with Biofloc Technology (BFT)

With the rapid and dynamic change in the human population, the food industry has also started expanding its boundaries with the help of research and technology. Aquaculture technology is also the part of this expanded efforts of scholars and scientists. The expansion in the field is much essential and considered as a core need of time. This help to reduce the use of natural resources like water and land and also help to preserve nature. Discussing Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan, BFT comes first. Biofloc Technology (BFT) is a technique to improve the water quality in aquaculture through balancing the amount of Carbon (C) and Nitrogen (N) which help in producing proteinaceous feed in the water. This proteinaceous feed becomes an autogenerated best feed for the fish species and helps them to grow faster.

Biofloc systems bank on photosynthesis to convert uneaten feeds, faeces and excess nutrients into food. While breaking down toxic ammonia and nitrates, both primary-producing autotrophic and heterotrophic bacteria multiply to attract an ever-growing host of organisms – including diatoms, fungi, algae, protozoans and various types of plankton. Loosely bound by bacterial mucous, most of these floating clumps or “flocs” are microscopic. Larger aggregations can be seen by the human eye, resembling brown or green sludge. Though not too appealing for humans, this is a scrumptious smorgasbord for fish and shrimp.

Biofloc fish farming is one of the successful and most profitable businesses in Pakistan. With it, Pakistan not only fulfils its personal requirements of the consumption of fish species but also able to fulfil the orders from beyond the borders. The conventual fish farming is quite expensive and unproductive in contrast to the Biofloc fish farming with the help of Biofloc technology (BFT). Now it needs to understand how Biofloc Technology actually works? And is Biofloc fish farming a really successful business in Pakistan?

In this article these questions will mainly be addressed:

  1. What is Biofloc Technology (BFT)? And how it Works?
  2. Is Biofloc fish farming a really successful business in Pakistan?
  3. What is the feasibility of Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan?

These questions are addressed in detail as follows:

What is Biofloc Technology (BFT)? And how it Works?

Biofloc Technology (BFT) is an environment-friendly technique used for the production of situ microorganisms. These microorganisms are produced as a hygienic food for the fish species. Because of this technique, fish farming requires zero or minimum exchange of water. Because of this technique helps in balancing the level of Nitrogen and Carbon in the water which are really essential for the production of microorganisms and bacteria’s sot that to feed the fish species (as natural feed) and save cost on feeding them with artificially produced feed.

Is Biofloc fish farming a really successful business in Pakistan?

This is really important to know Biofloc fish farming success factor in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of under developing countries. The country is equipped with comparatively fewer expertise resources. So, individual and the SMEs struggle and work at their own to build the related expertise by exercising consistently and learn this expertise on their own. So, people here in Pakistan are capable enough to gather the necessary information from valid sources, and have already executed and have started working on Biofloc fish farming using Biofloc Technology. 10 different cases have been gone through regarding the people and SMEs who have stated or have shifted from conventional farming to Biofloc fish farming. 10 out of 10 have confirmed that they are quite successful and satisfied with the right and in time decision of stating Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan. This made it 100% success rate which is quite significant to be considered.

What is the feasibility of Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan?

Biofloc fish farming requires few Biofloc Technology tools and a water tank which need to be at least 12 by 12 feet. The total cost for 500 fish species is given as follows:

The Fixed Cost:

  • A 13 by 13 feet tank may cost in the range of Rs. 40,000 to 60,000
  • A motor connected with 2 solar plates which can induct air in the water tank as an essential part of Biofloc technology BFT will cost Rs. 40,000 to 60,000
  • BFT equipment and water quality testing kit will cost Rs 10,000. approximately

The rest is the operational cost and it varies depending on where you stating this project. Like if an individual is starting it in his/her home, this operational cost will be just insignificant in comparison to taking it out of the home. One tank of 13 by 13 feet is enough to make your project commercialized. 

Note: Prices here are not fixed, they vary according to the area and the environment

Kixar Commercial and Corporate Biofloc Technology (BFT) fish farming in Pakistan


Benefits Of Biofloc System To Meet Future Challenges

The human population is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate. There is an urgent need for food production industries like aquaculture to expand and innovate so that food needs can be met in the future with much better output both quality and quantity-wise.

To meet future challenges, a special focus must be given to aquaculture systems which produce more by reducing dependence and exploitation of natural resources like water and land. Moreover, sustainable fish farming techniques have to be encouraged to prevent the environment and at the same time, it can be cost-effective for those involved in the aquaculture industry.

Keeping future goals in mind, biofloc system or biofloc fish farming is one of the best methods to achieve all these objectives.


Traditional Fish Farming Problems

Generally, in the fish farming industry, a large space of land is required. Additionally, an extensive amount of water is necessary to do fish farming. Moreover, fish farmers require to change the water every 30-35 days. The infrastructure, systems, land and water recycling; all ask for huge investments. This increases cost and hence the technique is expensive and not environmentally friendly due to the huge quantum of water used.

The high stocking density (maintained to keep the system economically viable) can cause fish a lot of stress due to excessive build up of fish excreta. This can cause dips in their immunity, making them even more susceptible to disease. This leads to fish deaths and huge loss for farmers.


Advantages of Biofloc Fish Farming

It reduces the need for water exchange and water usage in aquaculture systems and helps in maintaining the water quality. This reduces water treatment expenses for farmers. Biofloc act as a food source for fishes. This saves money for the feed and thus it is a cost-effective way to provide necessary food. Expensive technologies required to remove nitrogen compounds and their frequent maintenance expenses can be avoided. Biofloc system is capable to remove nitrogen in cases of high BOD and presence of organic matter in water. Since waste accumulation is reduced, it significantly improves water quality and fish survival rate. Innovative new methods are now being researched to combine biofloc farming system with other technologies and solutions as it is key to the future of sustainable fish farming and for the aquaculture industry.

Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies developing aquaculture solutions for a sustainable future. Biofloc is one such product which is a probiotic formulation containing a well researched consortium of probiotic bacteria. It aims at maximizing the productivity of fish farming by effectively breaking down of nitrate and ammonia, promoting healthy flocculation and reducing water exchange frequency. Biofloc is one of the best products for achieving sustainable aquaculture goals today and in the futur

Grown With Love on Our Farms

More of the World’s top fish farmer and agriculture-industry players are shifting to biofloc. As Meherdad Ali, CEO of one of the largest Bioflac Technology (BFT) farming operations in the Pakistan region, explains: “Without biofloc our company wouldn’t be able to achieve its ambitious growth rates without compromising environmental integrity and animal-welfare principles. This system is a win-win situation for all stakeholders.”

Meherdad Ali

CEO Kixar Biofloc Tecnology (BFT) Pakistan

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