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Kixar Group of Companies Providing Complete Solutions of Biofloc Technology (BFT) System in All over the Pakistan. We are 1st and Complete Largest System Providing

The Kixar Bioflac Technology (BFT)

For those interested. the founder of Kixar Biofloc Technology organises regular biofloc training programmes in All Over Pakistan. These last a two years and offer the chance to stay at a Fish farm and learn everything about biofloc: from the basics until harvesting. According to CEO the key to fish farming with a biofloc system is discipline and patience. Besides shrimp, he and his team have extensive experience of using biofloc systems for other species including catfish, tilapia, carp and pomfret. For more information just Contact us

Kixar (BFT) Everything from Build to Set Up


Graphics Work


Civil Work


Tank Instaling


Water system


aeration system


Shed System

Kixar Biofloc Technologies (KBFT) Pakistan Everything from Becoming to running set up

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